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Shaunna Thompson

Actress & Podcaster

Finding Joy After Loss We live in faith. We are taught that we should replace our fear with faith. But what happens when some of your biggest fears are realized?

After the loss of her son to drug use, and a string of other trials that followed, Shaunna has been on a journey to answer this question and find joy. Emerging from a cloud of sorrow and crisis of faith, she wishes to help others on their journey to tackle those “trials in piles” and continue to walk by faith in consistently calling upon a personal and loving God

About Me:

Shaunna Thompson has been a local professional film and stage actress for 29 years. In her spare time, she works at several local high schools, coaching Shakespeare and serving as musical director for their musicals. She can be seen in “Yellowstone”, the Book of Mormon videos, and other various commercials and movies. She is the mother of two, and grandmother of three beautiful grandkids.


She has served with her husband for four years at the Provo MTC and has a podcast to train new Mission Leaders alongside members of the seventy. She is the announcer for the LDS Women’s Conference and the Young Womens President in her home ward. Six years ago, she and her husband lost their only son to drug addiction. They have currently adopted his son and are raising him as their own. Along with the great blessings of life, there have been many hardships and tears. She has learned priceless lessons about the value of seeking joy and is excited to share a few gleaned insights.


Shaunna Thompson
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