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FYV Founder

Find Your Voice was envisioned by Dr. Christy Kane, CMHC, who founded the conference in May 2022. Dr. Kane is a counselor, mother, business owner, renowned keynote speaker, and has over 20+ years experience in the industry of mental health.

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About Find Your Voice

Women’s need for mental health support has never been higher. Rates of depression and anxiety among women continue to increase, and burnout rates are at an all-time high. Women need support at this critical moment. Find Your Voice creates an interfaith community of connection to uplift women and protect the healing spaces they need to thrive.

Designed for individual women, their family and friends, or groups of women from an organization, the Find Your Voice conference is an experience no one will forget.

A conference designed for right now. Women face specific challenges around mental health—which is why FYV will return as an in-person conference! Mental health is not something we can stay silent about, because it is who we are. 

Join us in-person to experience the transformational impact of FYV.

Who Should Attend?

A space for women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to gather and empower their mental health.


More than 1 in 5 women in the United States experienced a mental health condition in the past year. If you’re a friend, daughter, parent, employer, teacher, spouse, or simply have an interest in mental health topics, you can find wholeness and hope by attending Find Your Voice.

Build a stronger support network with like-minded women, find new friendships, and contribute to the community by sharing your voice.

Who Are the Speakers?

A highly engaging conference that brings together women to share knowledge, personal experiences, and positive change.

We focus on bringing together women from all walks of life to create authentic moments of joy and healing. While some of our presenters are mental health professionals, we strive to provide a healthy balance of individuals who speak from personal battles, professional research, and life experience. Among our speakers, you’ll find professors, mothers, business owners, bloggers, authors, artists, teachers, and more.

Find Your Voice is dedicated to creating moments of connection for women to build their support networks, open up conversations around mental health, and foster friendships.

Get a Glimpse!

Check out your youtube channel to hear directly from some of our past speakers and some of the women who have experienced Find Your Voice.

2022 FYV Speakers

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Dr. Christy Kane


Dr. Christy Kane LLC

Dr. Susan R. Madsen 2019 Photo-Crop.jpg

Dr. Susan Madsen


Utah State University


Carol McConkie

Vice President

NGO Geneva LDS Charities


Dr. Gonca Soyer


Utah State University


Kari Turner


360 Focus Mental Health


Pastor Brigette Weier

Mission Developer

Our Savior's Lutheran Church


Jessica Peterson


Podcast: Hang in There with Jenn & Jess

Jen Dotty.jpg

Dr. Jenn Doty


Podcast: Hang in There with Jenn & Jess

1.LR.jpg (162 of 174).jpg

Kerry Smith

Editor & Writer



Shannon Symonds

Author & Survivor

Certified Advocate

Amber Corkin.jpg

Amber Corkin

Blogger & Author

The DIY Lighthouse

Julie Lee.jpg

Julie Lee

Speaker & Author

Podcast: I See You

Meghan Decker Apr 2021.jpeg

Meghan Decker

Author & LGBTQ

North Star

Lauren Gruwell Headshot.jpg

Lauren Gruwell

Vocal Performance

Lifeline & Enough

Evento tráfego e audiência Segredos da Audiência 2018 Ao Vivo por Samuel Pereira._edited.j

... and more



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