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Speaker Support Page

This page contains all of the information that #FYV2022 speakers need to prepare for a great presentation. Read below for specific guidance for live presentations, along with general expectations.

For support contact our Speaker Liaison:

Samantha Neilson

Key Dates

March 1st   Tickets go on sale and conference schedule is released 

April 25th  Speaker presentation slides due (please see our slide suggestions)

May 4th Registration closes

May 7th 8:00am to 8:30am - Speaker check-in 

May 7th 5:00pm - Speaker appreciation at conclusion of conference

Your Presentation

By way of reminder, we are hosting an interfaith conference with several mental health topics. We are asking that your presentation is mindful of an audience of women from multiple faiths and varied walks of life. Addresses should be non-promotional and consist of original content created uniquely for this event.


Please plan on being seated and ready to begin your presentation at least 20 minutes prior to your presentation start time. Click here to see the schedule.

Slides Due Date

Your presentation should focus on experiential learning, real time connection with the audience, with minimal slide use. If you decide to use slides, please submit a pdf, PPT, or keynote of your finalized slides to by April 25th.

This deadline is two weeks prior to the conference to allow for any necessary revisions and/or changes, and to allow our tech team to preload the presentations and test for any technical issues.


Please also submit the following information for your introduction: 


  • Who is the speaker? (name, professional title, credentials) 

  • Fun or quirky fact about yourself

  • Instagram handle

  • Title of your speech


Due to the tight schedule of the conference, we will be preloading all presentations onto a single computer to minimize potential tech issues, set up, and rollover time between speakers. In an effort to conserve time and allow you more opportunity to share your voice, we will display a slide behind you at the beginning of your session to introduce you to the audience. The Find Your Voice conference committee will create these slides to create a consistent visual experience. 


Slide Formatting and Use

We invite speakers to focus on engagement with the audience through a minimal use of slides. If you decide you’d like to use a few slides, we recommend creating slides with visuals that avoid large amounts of text.


Any slides created should be formatted in a 16:9 aspect ratio (this is the standard and default widescreen size for powerpoint). If your file is larger than 10MB you will need to send the file using a google drive link.

We recommend not including videos or animations as part of your slides.


If you have any questions about your slides or presentation please let us know.


Presentation Length

Each speaker has been given 25 minutes, with keynote speakers allowed 40 minutes, for their presentations. We request that you respect the time allowances so that all speakers may share their messages.

Speakers can expect that our Hospitality Team will assist speakers as they approach the end of their session by holding up cards indicating when you have 5 minutes remaining, 2 minutes remaining, and finally “please conclude.”

Technical Information

We will be providing technical support at the conference center including equipment and set up for our speakers.


Audio/Visual Equipment

Here is a list of the equipment we will provide in the conference center:

  • podium

  • lectern microphone & podium microphone

  • computer

  • slide advancer

  • digital clock.


All presentations will be loaded onto a single computer to reduce turnover time between speakers and the need for various adapters. Please submit additional A/V requests or set-up needs such as chair, stool, table, markers, whiteboard, etc. to


FYV is organized exclusively to promote mental health healing and to further empower, unify, and uplift our community of women. To maintain an open and safe environment for the conference , FYV must enforce a photography and videography policy which will respect the privacy of our attendees and protect the intellectual property of our presenters.


Attendees, volunteers, and presenters are prohibited from shooting video or photos anywhere in the auditorium while presentations are taking place. If you see any unauthorized persons who are using cameras of any sort (including camera phones) during presentations, please notify a FYV committee team member. FYV will provide an appointed photographer to photograph throughout the event for promotional and marketing purposes. 


Presenters are permitted to shoot candid photos and videos outside of the auditorium under the following guidelines: 

  • In their own booth for promotional use at any time the booths are open for book sales without seeking FYV’s permission. 

  • During breaks, including the lunch hour, and during the 1 hour book sales event at the conclusion of the conference. 

  • Outside of the auditorium before and after the conference (presenters should avoid filming and/or taking photographs while presentations are taking place out of respect for the other presenters).

Worksheets and Handouts

We ask that you avoid bringing printed handouts to your session. This will help to minimize clean-up and decrease paper waste. If you have materials you would like attendees to download after the conference, please send a download link (or the file) to and we’ll post it to the website.  

Networking Platforms

We have set up social media platforms to assist in the promotion of this event and our speakers. Please follow, like, share, and comment on our platforms. 

Book Sales

We are so excited that many of our presenters will have a chance to sell and promote their books as a part of Find Your Voice.


Sale Times

Speakers and authors will have two opportunities to sell and promote their books throughout the conference—once during the lunch hour and once at the conclusion of the conference. 

  • Lunch 12:00 - 12:50pm

  • Book Sales 4:00 - 5:00pm

During these two hours, speakers will have opportunities to sell and promote their books as well as meet and greet conference attendees, autograph copies, mingle, engage on social media, and share the voice you've so diligently and dynamically cultivated.

We would discourage speakers from trying to use break times throughout the conference to sell books as we will not be providing sales support during these times. Break times are also short in length and primarily interspersed throughout the conference to allow for restroom use and encourage mobility. 


Speakers will be provided with a table and tablecloth for setting up a space to sell and promote their books. Speakers may provide their own decors, stands, or other items for their booths. 

Please come back to this page soon for further details and updates about how we will be accepting payment and providing sales support at the event.

Conference Location

Find Your Voice will be held at the Salt Lake Community College Conference Center at Miller Campus. Address is: 9750 S 300 W, Sandy, UT 84070



The Conference Center at Miller Campus is a venue in the heart of the Wasatch Front, only 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and 15 minutes north from Utah County, in Sandy UT. The Free Enterprise Center—the auditorium where Find Your Voice will take place, spaciously seats 300 attendees. The center features abundant natural light, offers a large training room, and free wi-fi. You can learn more about the venue here.

There will also be a lobby space where tables will be provided for conference attendees to sit and eat lunch. Speakers will be able to set up their booths in this space, as well. 


VIP stalls will be set aside at the front of the building for our speakers. Parking is free and accessible in the front of the building.

FYV Committee

A committee for Find Your Voice has been assembled to assist with the success of this conference. Your Point of Contacts (POCs) will be Dr. Kane, Kari Turner, and Samantha Neilsen, who are here to help you with anything you may need regarding the Find Your Voice conference. 


Samantha | Speaker Liason | 

Kari | Digital Marketer |

Dr. Kane | Conference Founder |

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