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Super Parents, Super Children, Super Stressed —Parenting in 2022

Speakers: Jennifer Doty & Jessica Peterson

May 5, 2022

Navigating the Challenges of Modern Parenting: Strategies for Reducing Stress and Building Resilience

We've all been through a lot the last few years. Parenting has been more stressful than ever before as our children struggle through the milestones of development in the middle of a pandemic.

As parents, many of us are feeling the strain of burnout and struggling to readjust post-pandemic. Based on our research and clinical experience, we share three guiding principles of effective parenting: 1. Be both gentle and firm, 2. Find balance, and 3. Connect with compassion. We remind everyone to approach parenting with a growth mindset--our kids learn from our self-compassion as we work to become better.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges for parents worldwide, as they try to navigate their children's developmental milestones amidst an ongoing health crisis. For many parents, the past few years have been marked by immense stress and burnout, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope with the demands of parenting. In light of these challenges, experts suggest that adopting three guiding principles can help parents become more effective caregivers to their children.

The first principle is to be both gentle and firm with your children. While it's important to establish boundaries and expectations, it's equally important to show your children compassion and understanding. When parents can strike a balance between these two approaches, children are more likely to feel secure and develop a positive sense of self.

The second principle is finding balance, which can be especially challenging when parenting during a pandemic. Balancing work, home life, and taking care of children can leave parents feeling stretched thin. Experts recommend setting realistic expectations, prioritizing self-care, and finding ways to incorporate joy and playfulness into daily routines.

The third principle is connecting with compassion. This involves approaching parenting from a growth mindset, recognizing that everyone makes mistakes and that learning and growth are ongoing processes. By modeling self-compassion and a willingness to learn and grow, parents can create a positive environment where children feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them.

Ultimately, parenting is a challenging and ongoing process that requires patience, understanding, and self-compassion. By adopting these guiding principles, parents can become more effective caregivers to their children, even amidst the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic.

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